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Winter Tire Laws in Germany

Nov 2, 20161 comment

Karin Stumph


Car in the snow

Snow tire Law:

There is no set date to where you have to put on snow tires, but the law clearly states that under icy conditions (Black ice, Snow, Slush, Ice and Frost) you must not drive without snow tires on your vehicle. In Germany we go by the rule “O. to O.”, October until Easter.

One of the things that are newer in the law is, for drivers caught without snow tires or who have an accident in winter conditions without snow tires on their vehicle have to pay double the amount in fines.

It also now specifically tells you what is considered a winter tire. All tires with the markings M+S (Mud and snow) and all-year or all-weather M+S tires qualify.

The fine for being caught without proper tires is 40 Euros and 1 point , unless you are involved in an accident. Then your fine jumps up to 80 Euros.