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Endangered Animals in Germany

May 23, 20153 comments

Karin Stumph

Sadly, most of those animals are never seen in the wild. They have been hunted, pushed out of their natural habitats or just disappeareddissapeared over the last century. I still would like to show some of the beautiful animals that once roamed our forests.

Endangered Wild Animals:    
European Brown Bear European Brown Bear We have had a couple bears return since the 90’s. They mainly call the Bavarian forests their home now.
European Wolf European Wolf Also coming home are the Wolfs, migrating back from the eastern countries.
Elk Elk These are slowly returning too.
Lynx Lynx There is even a couple of those in the Palatine Forest, the last large predator cat in Germany
European Otter European Otter Almost hunted to extinction, there are only a few left in the wild.
Beaver Beaver Quite common in the US, but they have become rare here in Germany.
European Wildcat European Wildcat The other wild cat in the German woods.
Capercaillie Capercaillie Most likely you will never see one of those out in the wild, but there is a few left.
Golden Eagle Golden Eagle The German national bird was almost extinct, due to being hunted.
Hawk Hawk These birds where robbed of their natural breeding grounds and are known to resort to houses in the city if they have to.
Falcon Falcon Thanks to Falcons being bread as hunting birds, it was possible to repopulate the wild.
Eagle owl Eagle owl The biggest owl in Germany and as all the other endangered animals protected by the law.