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Watching US TV shows and movies

May 8, 20135 comments

Karin Stumph

I know , I know we have AFN TV and they show the most popular shows and have a movie channel…. but if you are anything like me you have the same issues … the signal isn’t the greatest, the shows I want to see are on at impossible times and after the 3rd rerun of the same old 80’s movie … your kind of sick of the movie channel.

So what do you do? You could go to the CBS or FOX channel websites and watch all the latest shows for free  … BUT thanks to the German IP address we have, access is denied. You could go run out and rent them on DVD but knowing my luck the shows I like, everyone else does too….

I really don’t like spending 60 $ or more to buy my favorite TV show on DVD since I could be watching them for free in the states … So what’s a girl to do if she can’t live without a good dose of crime shows ??

XBoxThank God to my hubby, who by trade is the biggest techno geek I know … well there is a couple that are worse  … but they are making big $$ with their own sitcom now.

So Ed got us wired up and now we can watch all the latest shows and movies via Netflix and hulu, all through the Xbox and the WII we had hocked up already to the TV. And its not that hard at all. He was so kind to write me up a how to. Now this is a lot of tech talk , but if you know how it works it is rather simple, at least that’s what the man behind the master plan says.

Ever wonder how to get American television or access to the American sites like Netflix and Hulu. Well there are many of ways to do this legally or you can take your chances and illegally download shows and movies. Well for those interested in trying to do this legally, you can get a VPN account or try finding a Proxy server to get access.

The thing with a proxy server is it may only be accessible via a computer. As for a VPN account, there are quite a few sites that offer this as a service for an average of 50 dollars or so a year. This isn’t a bad fee considering it will give you a very secure way to get an American IP for your computers, iPad’s, and other devices. As for the Netflix account, yep it will give you 100% access to all your missed shows legally.

If you go with a VPN account, there are a few types. One service provided by has either PPTP (Point –to-Pont Tunneling Protocol) or OpenVPN? There are a few differences with both. PPTP is much easier to setup and gives access to most devices without the use of a router. Again if you want access for more than 1 device at a time, then you would need a router. PPTP also has many security vulnerabilities also.

For a more secure connection you would want to use OpenVPN. The downside to OpenVPN is you need 3rd Party software or a router to connect. So if you want to use this for an Ipad without a router, it won’t be possible without the use of a 3rd Party app or hacking your Ipad. OpenVPN also uses SSL/TLS security for encryption and uses a certificate issued to you by a server rather than a username and password.

RouterWant access for all your computers and devices at once? You will need a router for this. But not just any router would work. There are very select few that will allow it to be programmed for VPN. But once you buy one, it’s great. All devices can be connected to the router at the same time and all would get a US IP Address. You can purchase routers online, locally, or you can take your chances and flash it yourself and hope you don’t break the router.

My recommendation is use OpenVPN if you are worried about security and get a router if you want more than 1 device on the network at once.

Now he was able to do all that on his own, but he said if anyone needs help, to shoot him a message on his email Smile

So give it a try and if you need any help , give Ed a shout right here