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Traditional German Breakfast

Oct 19, 20190 comments

Karin Stumph

10am in Germany … time for Breakfast!!!

But here in the old world we wont whip out the bacon, grits or waffles…no. Here we enjoy a cold breakfast with many variations.

The traditional German breakfasts consists of bread fresh from your local bakery, jams or cold cuts and a beverage. If we have eggs for breakfast they are soft boiled and served in an egg cup with a spoon.

For breads it depends on the area or the day of the week, but its either the hearty German bread in slices , or bread rolls and toast. Many do enjoy a nice croissant or sweet roll for breakfast also.

The bread is served with butter , cream cheese or quark as a base spread and a choice of jams , honey or cold cuts.

Germans love making their own jams and jellies and with berries season right around the corner, you should give it a whirl. they are good for a long time in a sealed glass and make fabulous gifts too.

You can get your honey fresh from the beekeepers at any farmers market and Germany offers a wide variety of honeys, from the dark almost black strong tasting forest honey to the white creamy clover honey.  Be sure to give them all a try.

If you order an egg with your breakfast don’t be surprised to be handed a cup with an egg in it. Our breakfast eggs are soft-boiled and you open them with a friendly knock from your spoon. After opening the top, scoop out the soft egg and salt it before eating.

For us it was always a special treat if Dad made scrambled eggs for breakfast and only to be enjoyed on special occasions.

For beverages we  do like our coffee, teas and hot chocolate. Freshly brewed of course. You should really browse our coffee and tea isles when in a German store, unless you go to a specialty store you wont find a bigger selections. We do like our teas and enjoy them in any variations  and for every occasion. For cold drinks fees free to indulge in a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice or some nice cold chocolate milk.

There you go ,

Enjoy your traditional German breakfast

Bild von Rosine123 auf Pixabay