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Toad Travels

Mar 31, 20170 comments

Karin Stumph

Toad TravelsIf you’re out on the road right now you may notice strange traffic signs with frogs on them. It’s toad travel season. While not headed for the beach these little amphibians travel quite some distance.

The mild weather wakes the toads form their winter homes in the dark woods and they start crawling towards ponds and lakes. Rain and temperatures during the night around 7 degrees Celsius is ideal for them. It makes them flirty and looking for places to lay their eggs and in 3 to 4 month the little tadpoles will hatch.


Did you know?


The females will walk up to 5 kilometers to the next pond even carrying their mate piggyback. They are known to be burdened with up to ten potential husbands on their back…. Aye talk about desperate men…Toad Travels

But their way is paved with many dangers and obstacles. The biggest of them all … mankind. Often roads cross migration routes and make it impossible to cross safely.

Conservationists build little fences and barriers at critical road points to prevent toads from being run over.
Every few meters along the fence they burry buckets in the ground, to collect the toads trying to cross. The buckets are usually emptied, twice a day, on the other side of the road.