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The Ice cream drama

Jun 22, 20170 comments

Karin Stumph

Hotel_Sole_Italien_Eisdiele You’re out in town and the weather is nice, sunny and warm…

Perfect timing for a visit at one one the numerous Ice cafes along Germany’s roads…

It doesn’t matter if you walk along the pedestrian streets or you are in a busy main road, bella Italia with its yummy ice cream dreams are sprouting everywhere.

So your seated and you have the menu and you chose your cup but your little one just want a cone with a scoop of Ice-cream… or you might have just stood in line and got a one with the cold deliciousness and head to one of the many seats to sit and rest.

No sooner as you sit down with your ice-cream cone , a waitress rushes to your side… but not to ask if she can get you something else… no she informs you promptly that you have to evacuate your seat , since you only bought a cone and not an ice-cream sundae…

So what’s with that??? Why cant i sit and eat my ice-cream cone that i paid for??

Well its actually legal issue and sadly not up to the ice-cream owner.

If you buy food in Germany you only pay a 7% Sales tax on it

If you go to a restaurant your tax is 19% , the 7% for the food and the rest is the gratuity charge. That is exactly the same gratuity charge any waiter will tell you is included in the bill. But that is not a tip,

That’s why the prices at the ice-cream stand and sit down cafe are different.