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The 3 must know dances for any Faschings Party

Feb 6, 20160 comments

Karin Stumph

No matter if Kinderfasching or Big people party, you have to know these 3 dances to be a proper German Fasching celebrator.

Any respectable kid in Germany is drilled to perform these beauties at early age.

Polonäse Blankenese:

  • danced at anytime during a party
  • get up and ready as soon as the song comes on
  • much more fun after 6 beers
  • very hands on
  • make sure you hold on good to your front man

Rucki Zucki

  • a fun dance , esp.esp. for kids
  • lots of clapping hands
  • need a dance partner
Rucki Zucki



Der Enten Tanz:

  • do not attempt over 4 beers
  • fun for kids
  • no dance partner needed