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Summertime is pool time

Jun 10, 20150 comments

Karin Stumph

nude beach One of the things Germany is blessed with is the public pools, lakes, beaches and rivers. The water quality here in Germany is tested frequently to insure people’s wellbeing.

As soon as the summer heat comes thousands will head to the open waters. Outdoor pools are one of the favorite hangout locations during the warm month. The pools (unless they are fun baths) are fairly cheap and if you go for a seasonal pass you can save even more.

There are a few things to pay close attention too!

Public pools will have a “Bademeister” (lifeguard) that watches over the pool and is not afraid to tell people that don’t listen to the rules to get out of the water.
The open Lakes, beaches and rivers may or may not have a lifeguard on duty.

Most German families will bring a picnic or drinks when they go to the water. This is even allowed in most public pools, just be sure to clean up after yourself.

It’s quite normal here in Germany to see Children running around naked in the pools. Seeing little 3 year olds doing the “wiggle wiggle wiggle dance” is part of everyday pool etiquette.

You may also encounter topless sun bathers working on that seamless tan.

FKK But one thing you really have to watch out are those 3 letters! FKK. FKK stands for Freie Korperkultur, Free body culture; Meaning, nude pool or beach. A lot of public pools have certain once a week FKK times and there are whole areas of beach or lake front dedicated to this German past time.

So check the schedules on your favorite pool before walking into a big surprise.