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Summer break countdown, Day 5

Jul 1, 20150 comments

Here is day 5

Limestone caves in Dreimuehlen, close to Mechernich:

This limestone rock, witch is about 300k years old, was inhabited by Neanderthals around 80000 years ago. According to Legend a giant named Kakus was once the occupant of this place.


Kakus CaveAt the entrance of the Kakus- or Kartstone cave, you can find information in German. Here is a short summary in English:

300.000 years ago the kartstone rock developed. It is 20 meters thick and younger than the underground consisting of limestone. The so-called travertine develops when limestone dissolves in water, “falls out” and then settles somewhere else. Layer by layer, over a very long period of time, the travertine builds up. Tension in the material leads to gaps and tears, and erosion then enlarges these gaps into caves.



Stone age findings prove that man found shelter in these caves already in the very early days of mankind. Here again, a short summary in English:

“During excavations simple tools, weapons and pieces of bones from animals such as mammoth, reindeer, etc., were found. There must have been a large variety of different animal species living in the Eifel during the stone age! The Kakus cave is huge. Later on, between 300 and 50 before Christ, the Celts lived here. They preferred to dwell on top of the cave, as the three steep walls of the cave made it easier to defend their dwellings from high up on the plateau. The kakus cave has been a safe haven for our forefathers for generations and generations, and throughout history different epochs of mankind lived here. The kakus cave is an impressive document of a landscape that can rightfully call itself one of the oldest cultural regions in Europe – the Eifel!”

Address & Contact Info:

Kakushöhle und Kartstein Mechernich
Bergstraße 1
53894 Mechernich
Phone +49(0)244349251


As alternate I bring you:

Eltz CastleEltz Castle:

Surrounded by thick forests, Eltz Castle could easily protect itself from its enemies in the middle ages. Unharmed like a fairytale castle, it lives deep in Elz valley that feeds into the Moselle>

Castle Homepage

Eltz Castle – Overview:

The Eltz Castle lies in the West of Germany, between Koblenz and Trier. It is surrounded on three sides by a river and still owned by the same family that lived here in the 12th century, 33 generations ago.

The Eltz Castle features a museum and has an impressive collection of original furniture and artwork on display. The Knights Hall has armor dating back to the 16th century, and the original treasure vault is worth a visit.

The Eltz Castle is still an insider tip and not nearly as crowded as other castles in Germany.

Eltz Castle – Interesting Historic Facts:
  • Some floors and walls still have strong medieval plaster, consisting of ox blood, animal hair, clay, quick lime, and camphor.
  • The Castle was only attacked once, but never taken.
  • The Eltz family lives in one wing of the castle.
Eltz Castle – Address:
  • Address: Burg Eltz, 56294 Münstermaifeld
  • Phone: 02672 – 950500