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Summer break Countdown, Day 21

Jul 24, 20150 comments


Welcome to the world of fireworks on the Rhine and Moselle rivers in Germany!
For 70 years now, a lot of towns along the Rhine and Moselle rivers arrange the annual wine festivals.
The actual highlights are the fireworks in the evening where exploding firecrackers and brilliant cascades of light from Germany, China and other countries contribute to the most beautiful spectacle in the summer nights.
During the fire magic of the fireworks in the black sky and the Bengal fires, the boat parade mirrors themselves in the water and on the landscapes of the Rhine and Moselle rivers. On the shore the people celebrate life beneath the sparkle and glitter of firework “stars” as a seemingly endless row of ships navigate up the Rhine and Moselle rivers to present their exploding, spectacular lights. The towns, castle fortresses, palaces, and castle ruins are shown in bizarre outlines and shine in the red light of Bengal Fire.
The light festivals on the Rhine and Moselle rivers between Mainz and Dusseldorf as well as Koblenz / Coblence and Trier interferes permanent unforgettable impressions. Nowhere else will you see such a fascinating, unforgettable display of fire, water and light, all set in the majestic landscapes of the Rhine river and Moselle river regions, a land of beauty and history.
The following firework schedule will also inspire you. From May until September, experience the enchantment of the region which will shine during these months. Fireworks on Rhine and Mosel rivers  – a moment of magic you won’t want to miss in the romantic Rhine and Mosel river regions.

For more info and dates check out their Website

Rhein river cruises

For Seconds, how about following the real Frankenstein’s Monster to it’s spooky home and check out Frankenstein Castle!
Located near Darmstadt  (Directions) We went there last year and it was just amazing, we has a pick nick out on the grass field and got to watch a medieval guild spar.   There IS a real Frankenstein Castle near the German town of Darmstadt, and Mary Shelly’s famous story IS believedFrankenstein Castle to have been inspired from it and its surroundings! Apparently Mary Shelly had a romantic sojourn with her future husband in the region while traveling through Germany. The castle being situated in a very picturesque place, the young writer spotted it during a boat trip along the Rhine river and decided to spend a while there. The setting and the nearby villages pretty much fit into the horror story descriptions! But why Frankenstein Castle?
Was it a coincidence? No, it wasn’t! The life of some alchemist called Konrad Dipple (von Frankenstein) is believed to have inspired the actual story, though his relation to Frankenstein’s is dubious. A very versatile maverick scholar, known for his quixotic ideas and concepts apparently spent an essential part of My little one batteling a fierce knighthis life studying all sorts of esoteric books of alchemy in a hope to concoct a sort of elixir of life. According to his estimation, his potion was supposed to protract his life at least to the age of 135, with possible further extensions. However, many believe that it did the contrary. One fair spring morning in 1734 he was found lying prostate in his lab, his mouth covered in foam! All sorts of weird alchemical items were found in his lab, including human body fragments. It is probably this that stirred humans’ boundless imagination and engendered gruesome legends about the “mad doctor Frankenstein”!