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Summer break Countdown, Day 22 Not Yellowstone, but the next best thing!

Jul 31, 20150 comments

Even Germany has its own Geyser,

in Andernach


Geyser Discovery Centre

Visiting the Geyser Erlebniszentrum (Geyser Centre) you are going on an expedition which offers

you the opportunity to inform yourself about the natural phenomenon of the cold water geyser in Andernach.

Interactive exhibits, experimental stations and a multimedia show open up a new and fascinating approach to

the scientific geothermal phenomenon.

Boat trip

The Geyser Andernach lies in the idyllic landscape of the Rhine Valley on a peninsula called Namedyer Werth,

a local nature reserve.

Go on a boat trip to the geyser after having visited the Erlebniszentrum where you had the opportunity to

accompany a CO2 molecule on its journey through the different layers of earth to the surface.

The Eruption of the Geyser

You are almost there! After your boat trip to the peninsula Namedyer Werth enjoy the riverside forest where

threatened bird species found a place to live and breed. Soon you will be able to view the Geyser Andernach

– the world’s largest cold water geyser.

For more information, check out there site at Geyser Homepage


Second tip:

The Precious Stone Mine Steinkaulenberg

steinkaulenberg1. The Galleries (Besucherstollen)

The precious stone mine „Steinkaulenberg“ is the only mine in Europe open for visitors. Guides with expert knowledge in precious stones will guide you through the galleries underground during an one-hour-lasting guidance and will explain you the fantastic world of agates, twinkling rock crystals, amethysts, jasper and smoke quartzes in their original rock, the volcanic basalt. The visit will remain an unforgettable event and you will feel like in a dream world. The galleries are accessible to disabled persons; allowed are street clothes, a safety helmet will be given at the beginning.


2. Prospecting Fields (Schüffelder)

On the suggestion of educationalists prospecting fields were established above ground for children and young persons (adults are not forbidden). Precious stones and minerals from all over the world are brought to the prospecting fields every day, so that most of the young „diggers“ will be successful searchers.



3. The Precious Stone Camp (Edelsteincamp)

In former times precious stone diggers searched for the desired stones of the region in holes and hollows until the exploitation was no longer sufficient, especially after discovering huge agate reservoirs of best qualities and colors in Brazil and importing the raw material to Idar-Oberstein. Nowadays the former „Kaulen“, that means the galleries are reactivated and situated in midst of a nature reserve – the name „Steinkaulenberg“ stands for that. In all probability diggers will find in this place -only by hoe and pickaxe- lots geodes (which are not completely filled with acid) the druises, which were considered being without value in those times. The reason why druises were without any value was the fact that the amethyst crystals, the rock crystals and smoke crystals could not be processed with the available simple tools at that times. Nowadays these druises and parts of druises are desired treasures for collectors of minerals and for mineral friends. In our precious stone camp are available: hoe, pickaxe, and spade. Simple tools like hammer and chisel, protecting gloves and protecting glasses ought to be brought with you.Furthermore we recommend solid footwear, working clothes (perhaps raincoat). To make this adventure completely bright there is a place for having a barbecue. You can enjoy roast meat and/or sausages -brought with you- on an open fire. The dry wood of beeches is available -a habit in this region- but you have to do it on your own!

Opening Hours and Admission Charges (valid from March 15)

Precious Stone Mines in the Steinkaulenberg

1. Galleries: Tour  opened daily,  from March 15 – November 15  this year from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Reservation for groups

Phone: 06781 – 47 400

Fax: 06781 – 980030

more info here Gem Mine