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Summer break Countdown, Day 18

Jul 21, 20150 comments

A place you have to stop by when your up north is  Bremerhaven:

Since we just went there last year I thought I would share my adventure .


BremerhavenSince we only needed one day for the Serengeti Park, we decided it would be nice to drive up to the North Sea and look at one of the big ports there.

Sadly Mother Nature had different plans and by the time we got to Bremerhaven it was pouring like no tomorrow and the so called “steife Briese” was much more than just a stiff breeze.

Bremerhaven was once known as the Gate to the new world…America.

We parked in a shopping center right across from the German ship museum with its submarine and sailboats and made our way across the canal and down the dike. We walked past the “Deutsches Auswanderer Haus” and the new Hotel “Havenwelten” and the convention center.

I did get a flyer for the “Auswanderer Haus” and it is a museum that will take you back in time to follow the paths of the many emigrants that left Germany. You can accompany them from leaving Bremerhaven all the way to where they set foot onto American soil. You can Research your family history right there and find the reason why and when they left in old documentation. Answer to the inspector on the “Isle of Tears” to see if you would have been able to enter the United States of America. Guided tours are available but only on certain days of the week. If you have any question, you can contact them at 0471-92220-0 or send an email to

We decided for a stop at the “Zoo am Meer”. This charming little Zoo is located directly on the water and houses many or the animals typical for the area and some other critters. It has a great set up for kids, with many interactive expeditions and trails to follow. There are playgrounds to play and climb through, caves to explore and stops with interesting tidbits about the animals. Between baby otters and cougars is a nice little snack bar too, the weather was just too bad to really sit and enjoy it all.Zoo

Since there was no improvement on the rain front, we opted to go back. Since there was a nice shopping center on the way; it was time for some serious window-shopping! This mall was beautiful, lots of little stores with decorations, souvenirs and knick knacks and a nice food court. We had lunch there and then headed on trough the older part of the mall which was not nearly as nice.

Here is some info I gathered while in Bremerhaven. While we were not able to do it all, mainly because of the weather and just having one day there, you may enjoy them.

Bremerhaven runs a ferry going out to Helgoland. Helgoland is Germanys only open water Island. There is no car traffic on the Island and about one square kilometer is just red sandstone cliffs. There are beautiful sand beaches that are open for swimming if the weather is up for it. There are many duty free shops, art galleries and little museums open to visit. There are several guided tours available throughout the island, like a bunker tour or a ride on the island train.

While our day was not great due to the rain, we still very much enjoyed it, I hope you will too.