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Summer break Countdown, Day 17

Jul 17, 20150 comments

Shrimp boatsToday we will spend some time on the Road, cause we are heading up North. While visiting the north sea is not a quick daytrip but should really be a weeks vacation I didn’t want to keep the sights and beauty of that part of Germany.

So over the next 3 days I will take you on a trip to the place where Germans almost speak English and good morning is called “moin moin”

Historically the North Sea has seen a lot of action. The Romans crossed from the south and the Vikings from the north to extend their holdings; later on the merchant Hanseatic League, Holland in its Golden Age, and Britain used it for the same reasons. During both World Wars the sea was the scene of a great deal of naval activity. Fishing and shipping in the North Sea are still big industries, but in modern times oil extraction and harnessing wind and wave power have become important.


The preservation of the natural beauty of the Frisian Islands, also known as the Wadden Islands, is a shared effort among Holland, Germany, and Denmark; the islands stretch for miles along this part of the North Sea coast. They are popular vacation spots thanks to their pristine condition, worthy of the UNESCO World Heritage distinction. The atmosphere on the German islands of Sylt and Rügen or Usedom is utterly seductive. On these islands you’ll find national parks, plentiful bird colonies to observe, and interesting villages to explore.

TideOn German North Sea coast, walk the mudflats with a guide (always) to see the unique hellig islands, where banks of seals hang out, and flocks upon flocks of birds enjoying their natural “luxury hotel”. Afterwards, perhaps a snack of the delicious yet minuscule local shrimp? The role Europe has played in populating the New World is beautifully expressed at the German Emigration Center. It’s located in the port city of Bremerhaven, the point of departure for roughly 7 million emigrants between the mid-19th and 20th centuries.

One of the nicest areas right on the cost we have been to is Norden. Norden is one of the oldest cities in the area and just celebrated its 750th anniversary in  2005. They offer hotels and campgrounds right on the cost and also have a wonderful Saltwater indoor pool and a seal station. (more info here). Ferries to the Islands Juist and Norderney leave from the Norden port.

The port also offers tours out in the north sea, with excursion trips to seal banks to watch the seals or to go shrimp fishing. The north sea shrimp is unique to this area and has its own special taste and we spent many hours just picking and eating the fresh of the boat shrimp “crabben – pulen”.

be sure to bring  cool weather clothing though, because the winds up on the coast are harsh and chilly.