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Summer break Countdown, Day 13

Jul 13, 20150 comments

This one here was submitted by one of my readers , Christina:

Hall of Liberty

Places that are must see for me that are close to the Graf/Vilseck area include:
Hall of Liberation, which was built to commemorate the defeat of Napoleon. The building took 20 years to complete and was dedicated 18th October 1863.

This is truly beautiful.  You can go all the way to the top and walk around the outside edge, the views are breath taking.  Inside the hall are huge marble angels

I looked up some history on it :

King Ludwig I of Bavaria ordered the Befreiungshalle to be built in order to commemorate the victories against Napoleon during the Wars of Liberation that lasted from 1813 to 1815.

The construction was started in 1842 by Friedrich von Gärtner in a mixture of classical and Christian styles. At the behest of the King, Leo von Klenze altered the plans and completed the building in 1863. The ceremonial opening took place on October 18, 1863 – the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Nations (Völkerschlacht) near Leipzig

The following dictum by King Ludwig I, embedded into the marble floor, commemorates the occasion of the construction of the Befreiungshalle:








the Germans

never forget what

made necessary

the Struggle for Freedom

and by what means they


This inscription of dedication is to be found above the ornamented door frame of the entrance portal:




(To the German

Liberation Fighters

Ludwig I

King of Bavaria)

The “Befreiungshalle” is located upon Mount Michelsberg above the city of Kelheim in Bavaria, Germany. It stands upstream of Regensburg on the river Danube at the confluence of the Danube and the Altmühl,

Christina also wrote:

Kelheim is at one end of the Altmühl Estuary Valley.  The valley is just full of things to see:
castles (in Prunn, Randeck, Rosenberg, Eichstatt, Weissenburg as well as some I might have missed),
crystal museum which has the world’s largest cluster of rock crystal which amusingly comes from Arkansas (in Riedenburg),
the longest wooden bridge in Europe (in Essing and this is according to the Munich & Bavarian Alps guide book!),
Tropfsteinhöhle (caves that are open to tourists),
castle that is used to breed birds of prey that has a great bird show as well as lots of birds and exhibits (Rosenburg).
We split up everything to see over 2 days.  But it was an easy drive from the Graf/Vilseck area and would be a great day trip. The views from the castles are amazing, and most of the castles are open to the public.

So tomorrow we will look into the region a little closer