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Road kill – What to do if you hit a deer

Nov 6, 20170 comments

Karin Stumph

Hitting a deer with your car is bad for everyone. In fact, if you get through the situation uninjured, you are pretty lucky. There are over 1.5 million accidents involving deer per year. Wildunfall Deer accidents send 10,000 people to the hospital and kill about 200 people per year. Who knows how many deer die because of cars? What can we do as drivers to reduce injuries to ourselves, our cars and the deer?

How Not to Hit a Deer

  1. Slow down when you see a deer on the side of the road. 
  2. If you see one deer, there are apt to be more.
  3. Honk your horn several times to scare them off
  4. Deer are nocturnal. Pay closest attention at dusk and dawn (between 5:00 and 8:00 am and 18:00 to 23:00pm depending on the time of the year).

What to Do About That Deer in the Road?

I would advise against touching it. The deer may be alive, and it can strike you with its powerful legs. Then you’ll be lying in the road with the deer. The best thing to do is dial 110. Pull your car over, if mobile, out of the way of oncoming traffic and turn on your hazards. This will stop others from hitting the deer. Set up your emergency triangle. When the police arrive, fill out an accident report for insurance purposes and be sure to take some pictures for your insurance. The police will be able to call the proper local authorities about the deer.