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Refreshing Drink Guide for the parched throats….

Jun 14, 20171 comment

Karin Stumph

It’s hot outside and you made your way into one of the many cafes or beer gardens in Germany, and while you are familiar with the common liquor and cocktail names, you find a lot of names you have never heard of.

So let’s dive right in:

BeertentOne word you need to get yourself familiar with is “Schorle” you may know that as spritz.

Schorle is actually a mixed Drink (half and half) and depending on what it is mixed with you may get quite the different outcome. First there are the sweet “Suesse” Schorle wich means it has sweet Lemon soda and the sour “Sauere” Schorle thatgets mixed with sparkly water.

You can order a:

· Fruit Schorle = half Fruit juice – half sparkling water

· Apfel Schorle = half Apple juice –half sparkling water

· Suesse Weinschorle = half Lemon Soda – half white or red wine

· Saure Weinschorle = half sparkling water – half white or red wine

Another Drink we love to mix is Beer

Most common one would be the Radler, a mix between lemon soda and beer (usually Pils), but we don’t stop there. Also well liked is Cola – Beer or Beer mixed with Fruit juices like Banana juice. Another Beer mixed Drink is the so called “Berliner Weisse”. If you like it sweet it just may be the perfect drink for you! Traditionally the beer is mixed with either Raspberry Syrup for the red ones or Sweet Woodruft “Waldmeister” Syrup for the green drinks.

If you end up at a place that offers “Almdudler” feel free to try it, it is a nonalcoholic herb soda. Originally from Austria, it has crept its way and popularity far into Germany. Just like Lemon soda it can be mixed with beer for an “Almradler” or with white and red wine to make” Almdudler weiss” or “Almdudler rot”.

If you order a “Spetzi” you will get a mix of 50% orange soda and 50% cola.

But beware, if you order water in Germany it is never free.  Ask for “stilles wasser” or it will be carbonated and if you want ice be sure to mention it.

We also love adding lemon slices to all kinds of stuff, like coke or water, even beer.
If you are a Wine drinker you can order you wine by glass, bottle and Kaennchen or Carafe. They will serve you a small glass pitcher of wine instead of just one glass then.

If you ended up at an Ice Café you may see stuff like” Eis Kaffee” or “Eis Schokolade”. Those are either cold coffee or chocolate milk with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.

I hope this helps a little, now go out and enjoy the heat !