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ICE – In Case of emergency

Feb 20, 20160 comments

Karin Stumph

320462_351400244950809_1834566969_n With today’s times of social media and networking , getting in contact with friends and family is done fast and almost instantly. But what if something happens???

It may not be on your mind right now, but did you ever think of what happens when you are in an accident and are incapable of getting in contact with your family?

Sure there is the emergency contacts from the military and they will get with your loved ones and all but that takes time…especially on a Friday night when normal office hours are closed.

With today’s social network usually work colleagues or your soldier buddies find out the news faster then your  immediate family and there is nothing worse for your family to see RIP posts popping up on your wall as i have seen it happen before.

German emergency services started a shout out for German residents a while ago asking them to save emergency contacts on their cell phones.

It has been proven to be the quickest way to get into contact with your family in a case of emergency.

All they ask for is that you enter a number in your phone and save it under ICE (stands for in case of emergency) It doesn’t cost you anything, but it may make that initial contact a lot quicker.


Be save out there!