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Hot Dog?? No, Cold Dog!!

Jul 12, 20151 comment

Karin Stumph

While Americans are famous for their hotdogs, here in Germany we like our dogs’ cold…

No we are not talking about refrigerated wieners or Dachshunds playing in the snow, but about a very well-known and beloved German dessert.

Now if you are watching what you eat and are an avid calorie counter you should probably stop reading right here head for the fridge and get some celery sticks … because here it comes every kid’s dream when it came to birthday cakes.

kalter-hundThis beauty comes from my childhood, the oh so crazy 80’s, but hey the 80’s are back in style! This cake is served chilled and because of it; perfect for summer days, and it’s messy… which makes it perfect for those fun birthday parties.

So why name a cake cold dog (Kalter Hund)?

Well looking into its history a bit, and it seems in the Mining areas of Germany the bunt form of the cake and the color reminded people of the Mine-dogs that were used underground. And since the cake is a no bake-chilled in the fridge cake, its cold –so Kalter Hund.

In some areas it’s also called Kalte Schnautze – Cold dog nose, again it can look like a dark doggie nose.

So did I get you curios?

Yes? Then let’s get this beauty prepared!


You will need:

1 1/4th lb. of coconut fat or palm fat Butterkeks(palmin)
½ lb. powdered sugar
45gramms. (That’s about 2 tablespoons) of coca powder (not chocolate milk powder)
2 eggs
1pkg of Leibnitz Butter cookies or equivalent

Melt the fat in a cooking pot and while that is going, mix the cocoa powder, eggs and sugar in a bowl.
Let the melted fat cool a bit so it does not cook the eggs and then slowly add it to the mix. Once the mixture is blended well, take your bunt form and line it with baking paper (parchment paper). Now it’s time to start layering!

You start by adding some of the chocolate mix to the bottom of the form, and then put a layer of cookies down. Keep alternating between cookies and chocolate mix till the form is full. If you use an American bunt form you may want to use 2 since they are smaller than the German ones.
Once you filled it to the top it’s time to rest it in the fridge.

Let it sit at least one hour to cool off and get hard.

Once the Kalter Hund is done, flip it on a platter, remove the paper and the cake is ready to be sliced. You can decorate the desert with sprinkles or m&ms if desired.