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Dec 28, 20190 comments

Today is December 28th… German stores are now allowed to sell fireworks. By law the stores are not to sell them any earlier than 3 working days before New Year and only until the 31st of Dec…
There are a few rules and regulations you should know about before heading out to by some New Year’s cheer.
Fireworks are the German way to welcome the new year, it is believed the Fireworks (originated in China) where introduced as part of the New Year’s Eve celebration to ward and scare of evil spirits, that are out on the night of New Year’s.

Today the fireworks are divided into 4 classes in Germany.
You will only see 3 of them in the stores for sale to the public though, class 4 is for professional pyro technicians.
The 4 classes are divided by intensity (how much explosives, in grams are in each firework). Also, they are split into age classes.

Class 1 fireworks are available to children 12 years and older and will not contain more than 3 grams of explosives. Usually those are little poppers you can throw to the ground without lighting and they make a little popping sound.

Class 2 are Fireworks sold to kids16 and older. They will have fuses and have to be lit but are much smaller than regular fireworks. They do, as all fireworks require adult supervision and you have to show your ID to purchase them.

Class 3 are fireworks sold to adults, those include rockets, whole packets of compact fireworks and firecrackers. Again, those will require ID to purchase … unless you do look way over 18.

I would recommend buying fireworks only in stores and not on the street or of the internet, since the ones sold in stores are tested and have to follow certain guidelines.
Fireworks are only allowed to be shot off during new year’s evening Dec 31 – early morning of Jan 1st. Also, if you do decide to shoot of any, be prepared. One of the safest ways to launch a rocket is in an empty bottle inside a drink rack. And do not relight firework that did not go off.
Be sure to always throw or point your firework away from people and be sure to keep a close eye on smaller children that may pick up fireworks. Also have the number of your local fire department ready… just in case. Shooting of any fireworks on base is prohibited, as well as some old town centers (with lots of timbered houses or reed roof homes), near hospitals and old folks homes, and some larger cities no longer allow fireworks within the city limits.

And don’t forget to clean up after yourselves in the mornings… Fireworks can be messy!










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