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Fall is around the Corner

Oct 16, 20180 comments

Karin Stumph

It is that time of the year again and autumn is slowly creeping in on us. When I opened the window this morning heavy fog was laying over the hills and forests surrounding us. There is lots going on in Germany during fall.

The Oktoberfest is probably the best-known event in Germany during that time, even though it really starts in September.
Also, a lot of the German communities now finish the summer of with little fairs and wine fests. So be sure to check your local paper for any of those coming up. It usually means good food, entertainment for the kids and some nice wine.

Some of the specialties during that time of the year include: the new wine (Grape cider) Apple wine (Apple cyder) onion cake and hearty soups like potato soup.
We also celebrate out thanksgiving in Oct. it’s called “Erntedank” but unlike the American Thanksgiving it is prominently celebrated at church not at home.
The End of October is starting to turn into little Halloween over here and you can find Halloween parties or children trick or treating here and there. One of the biggest Halloween Parties in Germany is public and held at Castle Frankenstein. Just follow the link for more information and to buy tickets.

During November we have the “Saint Martin’s Day” where the children from Kindergarten and Primary School take their crafted Lanterns out for a walk.
Make sure to enjoy sunny fall days by taking a nice hike or walk through the beautiful forests of Germany. The colored leaves make it a stunning sight.










Bild von Sven Hilker auf Pixabay