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Don’t forget , tomorrow is Nov, 1st

Oct 31, 20190 comments

Karin Stumph

Allerheiligen & Allerseelen

The first two days of November are Allerheiligen (Nov. 1) and Allerseelen (Nov. 2). Related to Halloween, both holy days are devoted to all of the saints (known and unknown) and to all of the “faithful departed,”. In medieval English, All Saints Day (Allerheiligen) was known as All Hallows. All Hallows Eve (Oct. 31) came to be called “Halloween.”

1st of November
Holiday in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland Palatinate und Saarland.

So, stores and businesses will be closed tomorrow in those states.







Bild von summa auf Pixabay