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Diabetes in Germany

Nov 14, 20191 comment

Karin Stumph

This is kind of my baby here and since we faced a lot of these issues ourselves, I thought it would be a good idea to share.

German food wrappers are, just like the American brands, required to show what is in the product. But the nutritional info is a bit different as in the US.

Most carbs for diabetics are measured in either BE (Broteinheit) or KE (Kohlenhydrateinheit). Now one BE comes out to 12g carbs and one KE to 10g. So, a pudding with 3 BE has 36 carbs.

Also German servings are usually by 100 grams so you have to weigh how much you want to eat and then divide it to make sure you get the right carb count.

For example 100 grams of chocolate have 50 carbs, but you only want to 50 grams, you would give yourself enough for 25 carbs.

German food standard laws are much stricter then on the American side and with many newer laws (more detailed nutritional values on packaging, no more false promises allowed in advertising) foods are getting better and healthier for you. Companies are starting to step away from taste enhancers and harsh chemicals.


In Germany, if you want Glucose, you need to ask for “Traubenzucker” they sell candy or little Glucose Bars in grocery stores or drugstores (Apotheke) like “Dextro Energen”.

If you have a child with diabetes, there is a really sweet German diabetes diary you can order for free from Bayer. Feel free to message me for more info on that.

German stores also have a wide variety of low carb and carb free snacks … if you have any questions or need advise feel free to message me on FB 🙂












Bild von Vicki Nunn auf Pixabay