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Comic Con Stuttgart

Jun 12, 20180 comments

Karin Stumph

The conventions have been a huge part of the nerd and geek world for a long time in the States. In the last couple years, the madness has hit Germany with a huge success. While not even close to the size as the famous Comic Con in California, the Cons here are well organized and growing larger every year.

Stuttgart is no exception to this. Hosted at the Messe Stuttgart, the organizers were able to spread out over than 45.000 sqm in Germany’s most modern expo hall.

A Comic Con is nothing of course, without its guests and again the team did not disappoint there either.

Bringing in TV legends from long ago like Dirk Benedict or Hollywood star Michael Biehn. Dr Who Fans were also thrilled to be able to meet and swoon over one of their idols John Barrowman in heals. But those guys were only a few of the many stars that came to meet their fans.

Of course, this would not have not been a proper Con without the traditional panels. And again, fans where excited to spend their time joining live workshops for drawing, cosplay and even meet scouts from Marvel coming looking for new talents! People that did not want to fight the crowds at the panels could head to check out the awesome Lego artworks that was out on display and some even available to sale.

The more traditional comic book fans probably preferred meeting their long-time heroes, no not the comic characters, but the guys that bring them to life. signing up ahead for signature sessions, even gave the possibility to make that special comic book even more special.

Between the autograph and picture sessions with the TV and movie stars, their life interviews or the many set ups for picture options with cars, like KITT from Knight Rider, or the transformers cars; visitors had plenty to see. Passes were sold online ahead of time making waiting bearable.

Another must have at any Con have to be the many stores and booths that sell fan merchandise. And how cool is window shopping through Star Wars toys from the 80’s or looking through boxes and boxes of comic books for that one special find. T-shirts, sweaters, hats, wigs whatever desired, they had it for sale. Even Anime fans were able to reward themselves with their favorite worlds and character fan merchandise.

The role players could exchange, meet and make new friends at game tables set up for them.

Cosplayers and their peers could check out the many stands ran by old school cosplayers that were more than eager to help with advice and a photo op.

Personally, my favorite parts of the Comic or Game Cons are the cosplayers and the contests that go along with that. It absolutely amazes me how much patience and creativity are poured into creation these elaborate costumes.

Walking through the halls meeting these guys, I felt like a little girl meeting Santa for the first time… almost better than seeing the actors, since the cosplayers do portray your hero or favorite game or tv character. It did not matter if it was a Spider-Man, Harley from Batman, a Stormtrooper, an Owlkin from WoW or one of the many Manga characters, photos had to be taken with them and I have to applaud the patience these guys had, because I am sure they were hassled plenty.

My conclusion of the Stuttgart Con is…. can’t wait to see you at the next one!














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