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Christmas Pyramids

Dec 18, 20190 comments

Karin Stumph

The Christmas pyramid is a unique, hand crafted item found in Germany that is not part of the mainstream of Christmas tradition in the United States. The pyramid is a kind of tiered carousel with Christian motives made of wood. The motives can include examples of everyday life, but historically they celebrated traditions associated with the Christian religion. The first Christmas pyramid evolved as an alternative to (or the inspiration for) the Christmas tree in some regions of Germany, particularly Erzgebirge region. The artisans of the Erzgebirge region are famous for wood carvings.

The triangular shape lends itself to the placement of candles at the bottom, because of a wider base at the bottom allows candles to emanate heat upwards, slowly turning the propeller at the top, without catching the whole thing on fire. Some historians say miners in the Erzgebirge region used a basic form of the pyramid to gauge the level of oxygen in a mine. Candles need oxygen to burn, so the miners used it to measure oxygen levels. The design became more and more complex over time. Today German pyramids come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles. Most German pyramids are religious in nature, though many of them feature scenes from life in a typical village or feature animal and wildlife motifs.









Bild von Ulrike Mai auf Pixabay