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Christmas cookies

Dec 23, 20191 comment

As long as I remember back, one of the best parts of Christmas is the countless evenings you spent in the kitchen with your mom and siblings. Rolling out dough, sneaking cookie dough here and there, and decorating your heart out on a cookie that ends up in dad’s belly.

Usually by the first advent, cookie production in as full steam and the tins are filling steadily. Today there are so many different varieties and recipes, traditional and modern that it’s hard to limit yourself to a few… Yes they are all that good.

Plain butter cookies or jam filled cookie towers, cinnamon stars or the good old gingerbread. Today baking all of those specialties is easier than ever even if you are a beginner. Just head out to any German grocery store and you can find most of the dough’s premade and just waiting to be rolled out and cut, or you grab one of the boxes of cookie mixes that come in 50 different flavors. Decor

But originally the spices for the cookies were much harder to come by and because of that where a once a year only thing.

One of the many Legends say,

When the Christmas star was sighted by the shepherds, 2000 years ago, they were in the middle of baking bread. The shepherds forgot all about their bread loaves in the oven and followed the star. When they returned later that night the fires had long extinguished and the bread loaves had turned dark. They tasted them and even though the bread was dark it now tasted heavenly sweet. They broke the loves up into little peace’s of sweetbreads and shared them between each other.

The in the years to follow, people celebrated the day of the star by baking little sweet heaven cakes.

Modern Christmas Cookies can trace their history to recipes from Medieval Europe biscuits, which when many modern ingredients such as cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, almonds and dried fruit were introduced into the west. By the 16th century Christmas biscuits had become popular across Europe, with lebkuchen being favored in Germany. Cookies used to be hung on the Christmas tree for decoration also.

No matter where the tradition of baking cookies came from, it’s one of the most beloved, especially under the children.








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